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Best Slim Review (New 2020) – Does It Work? Ingredients, Side-Effects, Results

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best slim review 

What is Best Slim?

The Best Group company has put out a renewed version of Best Slim. After the Food & Drug Administration had put out a warning against Best Slim because there was an ingredient not listed, the Best Group had to regroup in 2016 and roll out a new product for 2017.[1]

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Though the packaging and labeling aren't much different in the 2017 re-introduction, it appears Best Slim is still promoting the same fat burning, detoxification and internal cleaning properties of the original Best Slim. This product is a diet pill.

Like many diet pills that came before Best Slim and will come after it too, this product contains 36 capsules per bottle for $40 plus a free added seven-day detox bottle to accompany it. This product is made from natural ingredients that are “purified by science and modern technology” to allow for quick and efficient weight loss. [2]

What does Best Slim Guarantee?

Well this 100% All-Natural product, MADE IN THE USA, promises weight loss and improved body fat percentage. With extracts from 100% natural herbs* (*purified by science and technology) this product will not only help a consumer lose weight, but prevent diabetes, and prevent premature aging. This product will detoxify the body, improve metabolism, and the customer will lose an estimated 15-20 pounds in the first month of use. It’s guaranteed to be safe and efficient, and free of dizziness, headaches, and there should be absolutely no diarrhea associated with taking it. It’s also meant for both men and women to use.

This product is unique because it targets abdominal fat, especially the thick fat which I can presume the company means the ones around the vital organs. With the added components of Grapefruit and Acai Berry, this is the best “losing weight product on the market now.” Did I mention this product is guaranteed to be made in the USA? So ignore the Vietnamese writing on the bottle.

Does Best Slim Work?

Best Slim definitely helps the body detoxify. The specific ingredients of this product are not listed on the label. Instead, it is labeled as a propriety of all natural herbal ingredients. But luckily a couple of website has broken down the vague listing of ingredients. [3]

Best Slim’s active ingredients are Cassia Seed Extract, Coicis Extract, Mulberry Leaf Extract, Lotus Leaf Extract, Mustard Extract, Medical Amylum, and Grapefruit and Acai Extract. The newer version of Best Slim also includes Green Tea and Aloe Vera.

The ingredients listed are there to help rev up the metabolism, which makes it very similar to other thermogenic weight loss pills that have Green Tea Extract. [4] However, many of the other herbal ingredients are known laxatives. Which means this product will definitely remove your small intestines of waste. So with the increase in metabolism and laxative effect, a result is loose stool. And many of the reviews of this product have hinted at this, and a lot of the weight loss success is because of the laxatives. And laxatives also causes an imbalance in sodium, which can lead to dehydration. [5]

But whats the hidden ingredient that the FDA discovered? Sibutramine. This causes real inflammatory issues in the colon. However, it has been proven effective in weight loss with individuals who are obese. However, it elevates blood pressure and heart rate and has been pulled from the US Markets. Best Slim has an unorthodox way of helping people lose weight. [6]

What are some concerns about Best Slim?

The most alarming concern is the lack of proper listing of ingredients. Moreover, on the BestSlim.net they don’t offer a picture of the ingredients label. Plus the website was shut down for almost the entirety of 2016. The last review of Best Slim on the site was in 2013. That’s four years ago, and it appears to be under review. Besides all the red flags sticking way up on this product, it continues to make an asserted effort to ease consumers minds it will not cause diarrhea. I found that to be a little alarming.

The advertisers of this product promote it as a diet pill where the user does not need to change their diet or add physical activity to their daily routine. Again, this is a huge concern and a large tall tale sign that this product is unhealthy. However, I believe if someone is looking for diet pills to achieve weight loss, they might not be seeking to do it most healthily but trying to do it most quickly and effective ways possible.

Anyone with stomach issues or hyperthyroidism should stay away from using Best Slim, because the bottom line about this product is, it is a laxative. [7]

The science behind Best Slim:

A number of ingredients in each capsule is unknown. However, with added grapefruit and acai berry extract, this will help with increased antioxidants which will help with skin health. On top of that, the Cassia Seed Extract is also beneficial to skin health, so the backing that Best Slim will help prevent aging has some grounds. But it's uncertain how much of these ingredients are in the actual supplement. [8]

Mulberry Leaf Extract has been clinically proven to help with type II diabetes. It’s a great ingredient to help with glucose levels in the blood. So again, Best Slim has an element that is connected to benefitting insulin maintenance. However, it’s unknown what percentage of Mulberry Leaf Extract is in each capsule. [9]

Lotus Leaf Extract has been connected to assisting in abdominal fat breakdown and lowering cholesterol. Through a selected study, it appears Best Slim including Lotus Leaf Extract does support the claims to help break down belly fat and prevent obesity. But again, no indication of how much of this ingredient is in a capsule. [10]

The FDA does not monitor the supplement industry, but once a company fails to include an ingredient that has dangerous side effects, that’s when the FDA gets involved. Best Slim was removed from distribution after the FDA warned Best Group company that Best Slim was found to be mislabeled. Which means that hidden ingredient made up a large enough portion of the supplement that signs of increased heart rate and blood pressure, and of course loose stools all pointed to Sibutramine. [11]

Should you use Best Slim?

Any time a company has to pull a product because the FDA gets involved that is a giant do not use this product. This product is highly under rated by users, and it seems the Best Group company are aware of which trendy ingredients are on the market. With most the reviews indicating a huge side effect of taking Best Slim is loose and uncontrollable bowel movements, it seems this product doesn't differentiate between soluble and insoluble fibers, but as long as waste is removed, that’s the most important. Many times when products have a laxative effect, dehydration follows close behind. So whether the pounds lost are because of fat burn, or loss of water weight along with detox, it’s hard to determine. But there are adverse side effects, and because of that, I would steer clear of Best Slim.

Incorporate physical activity and better eating habits if you want to lose weight and keep it off for the long term. This product might be 100% All Natural, but it’s 100% a short term weight loss supplement. It won’t pay off in the long term.

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