Beefit Zxt Infinity Review

Beefit Zxt Infinity Review (New 2020) – Does It Work? Ingredients, Side-Effects, Results

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Beefit Zxt Infinity Review 

What is Beefit Zxt Infinity?

BeeFit ZXT Infinity is a weight loss supplement made by the Floyd Nutrition LLC based out of the state of Pennsylvania. Cheryl Floyd is the brain child behind this product is currently spending 30 months in prison for it. More on that later. [1]

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This product is a part of Floyd Nutrition’s multi-level marketing business structure. What that means, is this product needs to be bought by a Floyd Nutrition distributor. If a consumer enjoys the products of Floyd Nutrition, they too can become a distributor and dupe others into buying the product to make an income selling supplements.

BeeFit ZXT Infinity, known as BeeFit for short, is an herbal supplement to help with weight loss and increase fat burn through capsule supplements. One of the main ingredients in BeeFit is bee pollen. It also contains dietary fibers, goji berries, lotus seeds, and Chinese yam.

BeeFit ZXT Infinity has also been promoted under the name of BeeFit ZXT Gold, Super Pollen, and BeeFit ZXT Slim. Hence why the product is referred to as BeeFit, because there’s too much reinvention of this product by the Floyd Nutrition company.

Though ZXT is an acronym for the popular Chinese supplement Zi Xiu Tang. Coincidently both products are made with the same ingredients. Though BeeFit has a couple of extra ingredients which are banned globally but condoned in the United States. Floyd Nutrition claims to be trying to piggy back on the popularity of ZXT and that Zi Xiu Tang and BeeFit does not copy it, though the similarities are uncanny. [2]

What does Beefit Zxt Infinity Guarantee?

The advertisers at Floyd Nutrition LLC claim BeeFit ZXT Infinity can help a person lose 25 pounds in “the quick and safest manner.” Within the first 4 hours of consumption, this product will drastically increase a person’s energy levels, suppress appetite, detox and transform the body into a fat melting furnace.

BeeFit guarantees weight loss in four weeks without changing daily routines, or diet. With the proprietary blend of ingredients, Floyd Nutrition advertises the healthy benefits of detoxing the body of toxins in the liver, kidneys, and intestines helps promote weight loss. Also the superior ingredients of bee pollen, Chinese yam, goji berries, lotus seeds, and dietary fibers will allow for an unparalleled increase in energy levels. Though none of these ingredients are known stimulants. So there might be an overlap with the BeeFit products with Green Tea. [3]

Does Beefit Zxt Infinity Work?


Well. Yes. But no. Here’s why:

It depends on who you talk to about BeeFit. If you are on the website and are looking to get more information about BeeFit, a distributor will contact you to let you know it’s the BEST weight loss supplement you can ask for. When looking on Amazon, it’s tough to find unbiased, independent reviews that are not created by Floyd Nutrition distributors. So it’s tough to figure out if this product does work. However, by some of the side effects linked to BeeFit, it appears that there is some weight loss occurring when using this supplement. However, the product is not incinerating belly fat; it seems it’s creating a drastic weight loss based on water weight and has no impact on body composition. So yes, you will lose weight when taking BeeFit, but no it won’t be fat that’s melting off. You’ll be, well, sitting on the toilet. [4]

What are some concerns about Beefit Zxt Infinity?

One of the biggest and more alarming concerns about BeeFit is the uncertainty of what product you’re buying. There’s very little information about BeeFit ZXT Infinity, but there are lots of reviews about BeeFit Gold ZXT or BeeFit Slim ZXT. It seems they are separated by one ingredient, and that’s Green Tea swapped out for Goji Berry. Either way, it offers a detox effect or an energy effect. With so much variance in the product name, it makes me believe that Floyd Nutrition is tampering with marketing and promotions to reinvent the product to drive sales. Kind of like when McDonald's came out with pizza for a hot minute in the 1980s. It drove sales up.

A large side effect of BeeFit is many reports of diarrhea. This seemed peculiar, and upon further review and research, it appears Floyd Nutrition has been cited for leaving ingredients off of BeeFit labels. Again, because the supplement industry is not regulated by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), supplement companies can get away with self-performed clinical trials to offer consumers proof that the products to what is stated. In this case, detox is a tremendous marketing tool of BeeFit and the ingredient Senna is contained in a capsule of BeeFit. That’s a potent laxative, which can leave customers in immense discomfort and lead to dehydration. However, noted ingredients on BeeFit is Chinese Yam, Lotus Seed and Dietary Fibers which all can be attributed to easier bowel movements which can rationalize the increased bathroom trips for consumers. Moreover, the Canadian health authorities found in BeeFit in 2012 the company packed another hidden laxative called phenolphthalein, which has been linked to cancer. So it should be no surprise in 2015, this company was pinned by the FDA for misbranding. So main concerns about BeeFit besides never leaving the house due to frequent trips to the bathroom are dehydration, nausea, cramps, headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and renal failure. [5]

The science behind Beefit Zxt Infinity:

The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has luckily been behind some of the science associated with this product because it’s a scam! Bee Pollen products are a way for companies to load other ingredients into the product and say it’s a side effect of Bee Pollen. Here’s why:

Many people are allergic to Bee Pollen. So if you are one person who happens to be allergic to Bee Pollen and you feel the sensation of irregular heartbeat, you’ll chalk it up to your allergies. You won’t sit there and wonder if this product may contain Sibutramine, which is a banned weight loss drug linked to heart attacks and strokes. [6] But fear not, the FDA is on the case and has done extensive investigative work about companies selling weight loss supplements containing Bee Pollen, including this BeeFit ZXT Infinity. [7]

Remember the opening section about why it’s so curious why Floyd Nutrition keeps renaming the BeeFit line? Well, you don’t have to be a scientist to realize this is a way for the company to put lipstick on a pig.

When using this particular product, there was a report of a woman who ingested Bee Pollen supplements who cut off the tips of her fingers due to psychosis. The woman had no previous medical records of psychiatric illness. [8] So one massive question mark behind this product is, what’s the science? It appears there’s little to know consideration for human wellbeing when they put these ingredients together. But don’t tell the distributors that.

Anyway, to do a round about analysis of what the ingredients do and how they do not help with weight loss in any which way:

  • Goji Berry– Antioxidant, good for detoxification and fight against free radicals in the body.
  • Chinese Yams– Great fiber source and contains DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) which is associated with weight loss. However, the DHEA levels in yams has little to no effect on raising a persons DHEA levels [9]
  • Lotus Seed– It appears to assist with detox and antioxidants in the body. Not known for its unbelievable promotion of weight loss. [10]
  • Dietary Fiber– Is it soluble or insoluble dietary fiber? It’s hard to do research when the company leaves it very blank. Which makes me believe that it’s a hype word to explain why this product is a glorified laxative.

Should you use Beefit Zxt Infinity?

No. Never. I believe this product was pulled after the 2015 FDA reports came out crucifying companies who promote Bee Pollen products. The owner was arrested for misbranding supplements, and she tried to hide it through rebranding.

No product should ever be reinvented some different times to cover up the mistakes of the first lined rolled out. Supplements are not like NBA uniforms. Redesigning the logo is one thing, but to rename a franchise would have fans scratching their heads. In this case, Many people should be scratching their heads about BeeFit ZXT Infinity and realize this product is unsafe for consumption.

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