Avesil Review

Avesil Review (New 2020) – Does Avesil Work? Ingredients, Side-Effects, Results


Avesil Review  

What is Avesil?

Avesil is the number one online dietary supplement aimed at weight loss. This product claims to offer consumers a fast and safe weight loss supplement as long as it’s in conjunction with a balanced diet and physical activity for at least three times per week. The four main ingredients in Avesil— Green Tea Extract, Caffeine, Chromium and Nutraceutical Meratrim, and these ingredients allow for this product to promote thermogenesis to achieve fat burn and quick weight loss. [1]

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What does Avesil Guarantee?

Avesil guarantees to be three times more efficient at fat burn than the other leading products. Though, that’s a little bit of an empty saying. This dietary supplement guarantees weight loss, improved energy levels, and appetite control. Very much what most thermogenic products that contain ingredients to heat up the body’s core temperature. Also Avesil guarantees to stabilized blood sugar levels, provide neuromuscular coordination and improved motor performance for athletes. Lastly, it supports the break down of excessive body fat into usable energy. [2]

Avesil advices users to take one pill 30 minutes before meals. It’s encouraged to take two pills a day for 30 days. The product contains 60 pills in total, good for one month. And there’s the option to buy a free 14-day free trial, as long as you pay for shipping of $5.95, you can receive the 60 pill bottle for $89.95

Does Avesil Work?

Based on the 88 customer reviews on Amazon, and 50% of the reviews being either 1 or 2 stars, I do not believe this product works. Moreover, through a little additional investigative work, this product’s website was removed, and at this time Avesil is unavailable on Amazon for ordering. For a product that boasts and is promoted as the number one online dietary supplement for weight loss, it appears to be very difficult to order online.

One of the reviews reads “I took this and even ate better and exercised, but this product did not seem to help with energy or any weight loss what so ever. It even seemed to make me more tired after taking it. I would not recommend this product to anyone to lose even five pounds.”

Another review reads, “I purchased this product from Amazon. My wife and I both used the product for several weeks and felt that it did nothing, less than a placebo. This was a waste of money, and the company will not refund our money. Don’t waste your money!”

Finally, another reviewer who documented side effects wrote this, “This product did not work for me, and I was very excited after reading the reviews online. All it did was increase my body temperature the first few days, and now I get headaches if I do not take the capsule before my lunch. I am in the process of getting off of this product without suffering from major caffeine withdrawal headaches. I wouldn’t spend my money – sorry.” [3]

Although this one positive review reaffirms all the guarantees of the product, “I have been taking Avesil for two weeks now. What I have noticed is that it helps to curb my appetite, especially in the evenings. During the second week, I have noticed that I don’t get those hunger twangs 3 hours after eating, which has been a big help lately as I have been in meetings where I can’t eat on my regular schedule. When those times pop up where I haven’t eaten a snack, I have not been ravenous when I do get the opportunity to eat something. Have experienced no jitters taking it and have no problems sleeping at night. Will probably purchase again.”

What are some concerns about Avesil?

As of right now, the biggest concern about Avesil is how to go about ordering Avesil. The website for the product is no longer around. Moreover, it is unavailable on Amazon for ordering. This leads me to believe that the original concerns and side effects voiced by consumers triggered a potential Avesil hiatus.

However, some of the listed side effects or lack there of, of Avesil was it didn’t work. Customers who reviewed the product on Amazon stated they followed the nutrition suggestions, and exercised three times a week as directed, but had little to no weight loss with the product. Moreover, one person, in particular, tried the product for two months without few changes to body composition.

Another side effect and concern about Avesil, which is not uncommon in thermogenesis products is the feeling of lightheadedness and jitters. Though Avesil is advertised as a weight loss product to boost energy levels and metabolism without the jittery feeling, those who are sensitive to caffeine tend to feel the effects immediately.

Lastly, there are mixed reviews on whether or not the product does suppress appetite. For some there was indication along with the jittery feeling from the caffeine, there was noticeable appetite suppression. Though, from others, there were no positive reviews of appetite suppression.

Finally, with the company as a whole, there were constant complaints about the Customer Service support. Some mentioned they never spoke to an actual person about getting a refund on their purchase. For $89.95, that’s a good chunk of money to spend on a product that has a 50% chance of working. Others stated when they received the product the seal was broken, and when they went to follow up with customer service for a replacement, no one called back or even picked up the phone. As a reviewer, these concerns are extremely alarming especially with such a strong negative response to the product.

The science behind Avesil:

There are four main ingredients to make Avesil. All of these ingredients have been clinically tested, and proven to be associated with triggering weight loss, insulin maintenance, and increasing the metabolism. But like so many weight loss products before, there’s little indication of how much of the formula is made up of these ingredients. But needless to say, I’ll examine the four top ingredients of Avesil to give a roundabout idea of how they impact the body and endocrine system to assist consumers in their weight loss journey. [4]

As mentioned previously, the four ingredients are:

Green Tea Extract [5]: Many clinical studies have been performed on green tea extract and the benefits it has in assisting with the oxidization of fat when the body is at rest and while the body is engaged in physical activity. Though, studies show that green tea extract has a more significant oxidization of fat cells when it’s resting. Overall, by consuming green tea extract, your body will continue to burn fat at rest.

Caffeine [6]: Caffeine is a common ingredient in weight loss supplements to improve core temperatures and increase metabolism through thermogenesis. Caffeine assists in oxidizing fat cells to be utilized for energy. Caffeine is a psychoactive drug which can help with exercise performance, and appetite suppression by triggering the hypothalamus to releasing hormones into the blood stream of “fight or flight.” In short, It helps with breaking down stored fat with increasing the body’s core temperature, which then allows the body to go into a primal fight or flight response.

Chromium [7]: Chromium is a mineral, which is often found in weight loss supplements. Chromium helps assist with the maintenance of insulin which is imperative to the metabolism of fat, carbohydrates and protein and how it is stored in the body. It helps control blood sugar levels.

Nutraceutical Meratrim [8]: This is not a single ingredient but consists of a spectrum of herbal ingredients to assist and weight management. Metratrim consists of Sphaeranthus indicus flower heads and Garcinia mangostana fruit rind. It is a non-stimulant ingredient; however, it is in the preliminary trials of being determined effective or not.

Should you use Avesil?

This product is so expensive for little to no results. Though the ingredients are clinically tested to help with weight loss and appetite suppression, this product will not help you lose weight. It is not a magic pill. If there are positive results, and physical fitness was recently added to your routines, the increased heart rate and neural and muscular recruitment in response to your increased physical activity are the prime reason for weight loss. Do not waste your money on a 60 pill bottle of Avesil for $89.95 when you can use that money is a more productive manner, like buying a gym membership.

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