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Athletic Greens Review (New 2020) – Does it Work? Ingredients, Results, User Votes


athletic greens   Within the health and fitness industry, people often associate the word supplements with pre workout stimulants, fat burners, and mass builders (whatever each of those means…).

But traditionally, supplements were merely that, supplements.

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Supplements were meant to supplement our diet, eliminating any deficiencies that we may have, as such maximising our natural capacity to function.

Quite recently there has been a large shift in mindset in some circles, in which people have been reverting back to a more ‘traditional’ way of thinking.

This has resulted in the development of supplements that don’t contain any pharmaceuticals, and aren’t designed to get you big, muscular, and veiny (not that there is anything wrong with that if that’s your thing), but to ensure healthy cellular function.

This is done by eliminating any dietary deficiencies that you may have.

One of the key supplements to come out of this line of thought is the development of Greens supplements.

What are Greens Supplements?

Greens supplements are ultimately veggies, fruits, algae’s, and grasses that have been compacted and distilled and packaged into a powdered form.

They often consist of a number of foods (often considered superfoods), all extremely rich in vitamins and minerals, such as barley grass, wheat grass, spirulina, alfalfa, among many other herbs, vegetables, legumes, and fruits.

A serving of Greens Supplements typically functions as one (or often more) serving of fruits and vegetables, while providing the body with a huge amount of vitamins, minerals, and plant based nutrients that are somewhat difficult to obtain through a normal diet.

The Importance of Greens Supplementation

So, we already know that fruits and vegetables are pretty good for us, right?

But did you know that eating adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables can reduce our risk of developing cardiovascular disease, metabolic disease, high blood sugar, high blood cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, certain types of cancers, and may even promote weight loss [1][2]?

And subsequently, not eating enough fruits and vegetables can significantly increase our risk of developing these same diseases?

Now here is the sli8ghtly scary part.

Less than 15% of all adults eat 5 or more servings of fruits and vegetables each day (the recommended dietary intake)!

By limiting our daily consumption of fruits and vegetables we increase our risk weight gain, and developing a host of potential disease and illnesses.

As such, greens supplementation can be fantastic way to increase our daily vegetable consumption. This, in turn, will provide the body with a host of essential vitamins and minerals, subsequently reducing our risk of developing the issues previously mentioned.

Athletic Greens

Now, one of the most well-known Greens Supplements on the market today is Athletic Greens.

Athletic Greens is produced locally in the USA and sold around the world, and as such is considered one of the premier greens supplements available on the market.

Athletic greens gets the nod over a lot of other (and unfortunately, cheaper) greens supplements in that it not only acts as an additional serving of fruits and vegetables, but also as a very effective multi vitamin.

A single serving of Athletic Greens contains the full daily intake of zinc, vitamin A, C, E, Biotin, and many of the B group Vitamins. All of which are considered quite difficult to get through diet alone, even when getting our daily 5 serves of fruit and vegetables in.

These nutrients come from a number of different sources, which again, is where Athletic Greens has it over other greens supplements available on the market.

Firstly, Athletic Greens contains a number of superfoods including spirulina, wheatgrass, and chlorella.

These superfood groups actually make up majority of the greens powder, and are included because of their high nutrient density, but also because of their alkalinity. This alkalinity improves our ability to manage the pH levels of our body, which can significantly reduce systemic inflammation, and improve cell health.

Secondly, Athletic greens contains an abundance of herbs and antioxidants which contain vast amounts of citrus bioflavonoids and coQ-10, amongst other ingredients.

These compounds are renowned for their ability to limit free radical formation in the body, which can improve cell health, and reduce the likelihood of developing various diseases, illnesses, and cancers [3].

Thirdly, Athletic Greens contains and abundance of digestive enzymes and mushrooms. This differs somewhat from other greens supplements, but can play an extremely important role in aiding food digestion and maintain gut health. This can further reduce the risk of developing digestive and gut related issues.

Finally, athletic greens also contains a number of unique probiotics (with special mention to lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium bifidium) that further aid in the health of our digestive systems.

Additionally, the improved health (and increased number of) these specific bacteria in the gut is thought to have a number of additional health effects, and has even been suggested to aid cognition and mental processing [4].

Is athletic Greens worth taking?

Athletic greens contains a number of additional compounds that many other greens supplements just don’t offer.

This certainly makes it a cut above the rest in regards to both its nutrient profile, and the quality of ingredients used.

This means that not only does it provide the health benefits associated with other green supplements, it provides additional vitamins and minerals among many other micronutrients that can have a number of additional health benefits.

Furthermore, Athletic Greens is also likely to improve the health and function of the digestive system considerably, which can have carryover effects to a number of other health related aspects.

These health effects are likely to be even greater if you are nutrient deficient, or not achieving your recommend daily intake of fruits and vegetables.

In Conclusion

So in conclusion, Athletic Greens is a fantastic greens supplement that is likely to have a number of positive health effects that may not be observed when using other greens supplements.

Its use is entirely recommended, as in addition to the positive effects on health it is likely to have, it does not contain any ingredients that have known side effects, making it both safe and effective.

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