Apitrim review

Apitrim Review (New 2020) – Does Apitrim Work? Ingredients, Side-Effects, Results


Apitrim review 

What is Apitrim?

Apitrim is a appetite suppressant supplement which in turn will result in gradual weight loss. But this supplement lays claims to having the ability to impact neurotransmitters as well in the brain to aid in curbing appetite and improving energy levels. The one neurotransmitter it mentions on it’s ever disappearing website is serotonin levels. Which again, adds to the enigma of Apitrim.

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From other reviewers because there is no definitive website for Apitrim, it seems that Apitrim is a supplement that revs up the body by having varieties of stimulants coursing through a person’s body, which in turn will cause the pituitary gland to release epinephrine hormones of fight or flight, which then send the body into a state of alertness which suppresses appetite.

The product comes in 60 pill counts for a cost of approximately $35. Apparently you’re supposed to take 1 pill 15 minutes before lunch, and then take a second pill 15 minutes before your biggest meal of the day.

Again, the website promoting Apitrim is no longer available so in-depth detail regarding Apitrim does not exist. However, a couple consumers who bought Apitrim received a product that was not Apitrim at all. Again, this only adds more to the full mystery of what really is Apitrim.

What does Apitrim Guarantee?

It looks like the official website of Apitrim might be a blogspot. So from Apitrim’s blogspot where the spelling of the supplement varies from Apitrim to Apitirin, it seems that this supplement is guaranteeing appetite control and appetite suppression to create weight loss. Makers of Apitrim believe that if a person eats less, they will lose weight. This product guarantees caloric deficit through appetite control.

Does Apitrim Work?

Due to the removal of the website where you once upon a time could purchase Apitrim, ShopTopDietPills.com, I’m going to assume Apitrim did not work. The reason I assume this is because, for one there is no platform to sell the product, and two the other products for sale on ShopTopDietPills were labeled as a scam. Lastly, the Better Business Bureau gave ShopTopDietPills an F rating, which is nearly impossible to receive. Heck my moving company lost my furniture up to 7 week and they have at least a D on the BBB. So to receive that F score, Apitrim and the other products must’ve been a complete bust.

Luckily Apitrim has a 30-Day Money Back Policy if it doesn’t work.

What are some concerns about Apitrim?

If it doesn’t work you wont actually get your money back. It’s a supplement scam.

It seems that Apitrim is a “too good to be true,” product. The claim it makes to control hunger, suppress appetite and promote energy for optimal weight loss makes this product to be the unicorn of diet pills. When looking at this product the lack of information regarding it makes it hard to evaluate but luckily the pill bottles include the ingredients. One of the ingredients in Apitrim is dimethylpentylamine, also known as DMAA, which is a banned substance in supplement products. The Food & Drug Administration doesn’t get involved in supplement business too often, but when it came to DMAA, the FDA stepped in because DMAA has been linked to liver failure and death.

Huge concerns about Apitrim is potential for liver failure and death due to the usage of DMAA. In addition it uses Hydroxycitrate which is more popularly associated with Garcinia Cambogia Fruit Extract which has been connected to supporting weight loss by preventing sugars to be converted into fats, which then increases energy levels. It also has been known to suppress appetite as well. Finally Apitrim has been known to cause many consumers to be uncontrollably shaky, nervous, and cause headaches, nausea and restlessness because of the trimethylxanthine compound in the product. If you’re wondering where you can get your hands on some trimethylxanthine, don’t worry it’s just a fancy name for caffeine.

If anything, this products greatest concern is the high volume of stimulants pack in a capsule. With that said, if you suffer from any cardiovascular conditions, stay away from Apitrim. If you have high blood pressure or are caffeine sensitive, this product will cause your heart to feel like it is ready to jump out of your chest. With the high increase in caffeine and stimulants, it’s imperative to stay hydrate while on this product. Failure to do so might cause stomach-bloating, dizziness, and diarrhea.

Science behind Apitrim:

There have been no clinical studies done on Apitrim. From what I gather from some of the consumers who have purchased this product or have attempted to purchase, it seems it comes with a lot of uncertainty regarding what is actually in Apitrim. As listed above there are three pretty potent stimulants which are key ingredients of Apitrim:

  • Hydroxycitrate
  • Trimethylanthine
  • Dimethylpentylamine

With these three ingredients the product should spike energy levels, and in addition increase heart rate to signal hormone release to send the body into a state of fight or flight, which is our innate and primitive response to danger. Basically put our body on alert, and signal to our hypothalamus to stop the sensation of hunger. You can imagine that being hungry when being in a high state of alertness or survival mode would be very distracting.

Seems to all make sense, be alert, suppress cravings, increase heart rate to trigger metabolism, therefore consume less food, have a caloric deficit and as a result lose weight. Sounds too good to be true, right? Right. Well it is. Because Apitrim appears to be a placebo and there’s trace amounts of stimulants in it with little to no effectiveness of the product.

Should you use Apitrim?

No. If you can find the official website, that in itself should be a little victory, but no one should look to take Apitrim. I do not believe it exists and for those who have ordered it actually received a supplement that was not Apitrim at all.
Besides the obvious lack of information regarding the supplement available online, having something that consists of DMAA should be a staggering red flag that this product might not be safe. DMAA is a banned substance for a reason and has been pulled out of many once very popular weight loss supplements because of the dangers of it. It wreaks havoc within the body, it causes liver failure and in one instance results in someone having a heart attack and dying. Moreover, due to the lack of information about this product, the manufacturers have no provided any listings of the proportionate amount of ingredients per pill. Again, if someone takes Apitrim and doesn’t feel the effects they might look to take a couple pills at a time without knowing how many milligrams of DMAA or caffeine they are ingesting. Which again could have tragic and counter-desired effects.

Finally, I was able to locate 2 consumer reviews who states that at no point there appetite was suppressed when taking this product. I can only believe that this is not a product worth gambling on, regardless of what the online reports promise.

At the end of the day, if you’re looking to spend $35 dollars on something to not receive anything back in return, I can provide you with my PayPal account to deposit $35 into.

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