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Apidexin Review (New 2020) – Does Apidexin Work? The Scientific Verdict!

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apidexin review 

What is Apidexin?

Apidexin is not a weight loss supplement, it’s a fat burning supplement. NutriPharm created this supplement and it is chockfull of caffeine, just like other diet pills that have come before it. However, this diet pill has the reputation of being one of the best on the market. They boast the statement, “the miracle pill,” because Apidexin can supposedly help with blood circulation, boost metabolism and lower cholesterol.

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Though there’s little clinical studies outside of the proof of positive effects put forth by Apidexin, the product does consist of ingredients that have been connected to appetite control and increased thermogenesis to achieve possible weight loss.

It is recommended to receive full maximum effects of Apidexin by taking 2-3 pills 30 minutes before breakfast and lunch. Though some people claimed to take only 1 pill before breakfast and lunch in order to have pills stretch over the course of many days. The alleged “30-Day” bottle consists of 60 pills in total for a cost of $49.95.

What does Apidexin Guarantee?

Apidexrin will jump start your weight loss and help you decrease your waist circumference.

Does Apidexin Work?

There are mixed reports about whether or not Apidexin works. Several people reported gaining a tremendous amount of weight while one Apidexin. Within the last three months, April-June 2017, three individuals claimed to have gained 10-20 pounds while on Apidexin. But whether or not they altered their diets or increased their exercise were not reported.

Another individual reported a weight loss in 6 months from 270 down to 210, and followed what Apidexin recommended in taking this product. She drank a full glass of water, took 3 pills 30 minutes before breakfast and lunch and stated she used the product in conjunction with a healthy diet and increased exercise. It could be that this product is a genuine fat burn assister as long as lifestyle complies with the given instruction by the NutriPharm company. In addition, several consumers noted that Apidexin assisted with increased energy during their workouts and as the weight started to come off the workouts became more effective, and easier, therefore they could add more intensity to their daily exercise routines.

Just like many diet pills, there are negative side effects, and some claimed they had to stop taking the product due to unwanted side effects that made taking this product to be rather unpleasant. Some also stopped taking this pill because they saw little to no results after a few weeks.

In the case of not enjoying the product, fear not, Apidexin has a 90-Day Refund Guarantee. This is a huge positive for consumers who are dissatisfied and do not see the guaranteed benefits of the Apidexin. Because they care so much about providing and enhancing consumers lives through this product, the company does honor the money back guarantee, which is a really big positive for Apidexin.

What are some concerns about Apidexin?

With all diet pills there tends to be several side effects that come along with them, depending person to person. Supplements are not tested by the Food & Drug Administration, so the safety of supplements are always in question. The only time the FDA will intervene in supplements is when there is one ingredient that has repeatedly caused severe adverse effects, such as DMAA which was a common stimulant in a variety of diet pills, which led to several consumer deaths. Apidexin does not contain DMAA but it does contain a potent dosage of stimulants which causes many worrisome side effects.

Many consumers reported Apidexin had them break out in a itchy rash from the first time they took the supplement. I’m not sure which ingredient could cause a rash, but ultimately one of the ingredients in the product could cause an allergic reaction. Moreover if a person is not used to taking a thermogenic product or is caffeine sensitive, it is plausible that a rash could break out.

Due to the high content of stimulants in the product from the “natural caffeine,” several dieters claimed that Apidexin caused severe jitteriness, irregular heart beat, unsatisfactory sleep patterns, restricted breathing, and headaches. All symptoms of caffeine levels too great for the body to handle. Caffeine will kick start the metabolism, help with fat oxidation which has it commonly used in diet pills because it’s been linked to helping in fat burning and weight loss. But if you are starting to take this product with the recommended 3 pills 30 minutes before breakfast or lunch and are caffeine sensitive you will feel negative effects. One user stated after they took the pills for the first time, their heart rate felt weird, and they started shaking uncontrollably.

Another side effect is dark urine, which could indicate dehydration and possible impact on the kidneys. When ingesting high levels of caffeine steady consumption of water needs to take place, because caffeine is a diuretic. Lastly, irregular sleep has been reported because of the increased levels of stimulants and the body not fully processing it. If any of these symptoms happen, stop taking Apidexin, and refer back to your healthcare professional or physician.

Science behind Apidexin:

On the Apidexin website, the proprietary blend includes:

  • Garcinia Cambogia (Hydroxycitric Acid)– assists in fat synthesis and appetite control
  • Green Tea (PolyPhenol)– Increases energy and aids in weight loss
  • GreenSelect Phytosome Green Tea– Assists in increasing energy levels
  • Purple Tea with GHG– Assists in preventing sugars to be turned into fat

The Energy blend consists of:

  • Natural Caffeine– Aids in burning fat and releasing fatty acids into blood stream to be used as energy.
  • Theobromine– Allows for fat oxidation
  • Higenamine– Increase of glucose and glycogens into quick energy utilization.

The website also admonishes that Apidexin needs to be taken in conjunction with a healthy Loe calorie diet and consistent exercise routine. So in order to achieve the desired physical changes of a reduced waist circumference to kick start your weight loss journey, you’ll need to make lifestyle changes as well. With the increased heart rate and added stimulant to rev up the metabolism, plus reducing caloric consumption and increasing exercise, a person will suffer from calorie deficit which will mean they will see fat burn which will lead to weight loss.

But assume someone takes Apidexin without changing their diet and exercise routine, what will happen? Well, though Apidexin is not clinically studies, the ingredients are. Apidexin references how all the ingredients are clinically proven to be effective but unfortunately on the website they don’t reference the clinical studies, nor do they discuss the amount needed gain the benefits of the ingredients. Let alone in the supplement it doesn’t have the breakdown of ingredients on the product. On the website of Apidexin there is a chat you can use to talk to experts, but even they don’t know the exact mg per pill. I asked, they told me close to a cup of coffee. But with side effects of jitters, headaches and increased heart rate, that’s way more than a standard 90mg of caffeine coffee cup.

Should you use Apidexin?

For short term weight loss, it seems that Apidexin has enough consumer evidence to support this product could aid in fat burn. However, it needs to be paired up with low calorie diet and a consistent exercise routine to reap the full benefits of this diet pill. It has been ranked #1 diet pill for a few years in a row, and there’s lots of consumer reports to back that up. However, just like any supplement, without physician guidance it could be dangerous to consume this product. There’s dubious reports of how it mixes with prescription medicines.

As for long term use, I would discourage someone for using this product for long term weight loss and fat burn. It seems that this would be best to kick start a lifestyle change, but because of how quickly weight loss occurred with some users, for example 10 lbs in two weeks, it seems that this product might not be adequate for a full lifestyle change. With rapid weight loss there’s always a chance that the weight can come back on even quicker than it came off. More over, if it burns fat as rapidly as it claims, this could also result in quick weight gain too.

Apidexin also warns that without following the guided low calorie diet and exercise routine, there’s a high change there will be unsatisfactory results. You can’t just take the pill and expect fat to melt off of you, there needs to be an individual effort to be proactive with physical activity and begin healthy and mindful eat habits. If the side effects don’t bother you, and you have the means to spend on a product like this, it might be worthwhile to give it a go.

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