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Andro 400 Review (New 2020) – Can This non-Prohormone Really increase Testosterone?

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andro400   Testosterone- we hear about it all the time. Is it good? Is it bad? Is it too high? Is it too low? There are major supporters of testosterone therapy and there are just as many who strongly oppose it.

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Natural Health Solutions, the creators of Andro 400, are on the supporting side. They believe that low testosterone could be dangerous to your health- even fatal. And they want to help. They provide an oral supplement that is meant to raise you testosterone back to healthy levels. With so much mystery shrouding the discussion of testosterone, we break through the mess to give you the truth.

Is Andro 400 right for you?

The Product

Andro 400 has one active ingredient: eurycoma longifolia. This is already a good start because we tend to shy away from multicomponent formulas for any supplement. The more ingredients, the more likely the product is to be expensive and potentially hazardous to your health. So what does eurycoma longifolia do?

Well, we know it can help treat male infertility. It helps by increasing both the quantity and quality of sperm[5]. This is more good news considering traditional testosterone supplementation like steroids cause shrinking of the testes potentially leading to sterilization. The downside, though, is that the research hasn’t shown an impact on athletic performance[5].

More research still needs to be conducted to confirm or deny the suspicion that eurycoma longifolia can’t impact the male physique, but so far it’s not looking good. On the bright side, it doesn’t appear to impact renal or liver health the way some supplements can[1].

That doesn’t mean the supplement is harmless, though, so don’t be complacent. Although there is less research done on oral supplements of testosterone, particularly of eurycoma longifolia, the consequences are unknown. If it is anything like true testosterone supplements, though, the dangers could far outweigh the benefits.

For instance, Andro 400 is advertised to help eliminate the risk of cardiac arrest, obesity, and prostate cancer. However, testosterone supplementation has been shown to increase the risk for these three diseases[6]. Again, the oral eurycoma longifolia may be different, but there’s just not enough research at this point to safely say so.

Now, you may be sitting there feeling despair. After all, you are probably only looking at this product if you are having symptoms that could potentially stem from low testosterone. But it’s also important to remember that some symptoms of low T are just a normal part of aging. Of course, you want to be in the most optimal health that you can.

But if your only complaint is low sex drive or low energy, there are plenty of other safe ways to deal with those problems- even if they are caused by your hormones. At this point, you have to remember that there can be inevitable health risks associated with supplementing testosterone that are way worse than what you’re going through now.

If your symptoms are bad enough that you don’t want to deal with them individually, you can always go see your doctor. He can offer other solutions you might not have considered or can at least monitor you through your process of testosterone therapy to ensure that you stay safe. Remember, you can still enjoy life if you have low energy, but you can’t enjoy life if you’re dead. Sadly, it’s as black and white as that.

The Company

What concerns us most about this product is the company. Natural Health Solutions isn’t inherently bad, but their customer service is. For research for this article, we reached out to them to get the rest of the ingredients for the product.

First, when a company doesn’t readily share nutrition labels we become skeptical. But we also found out that it is nearly impossible to get ahold of anyone for answers there. We couldn’t get ahold of any real person by phone and we didn’t get an e-mail response for 3 days. Even then, it didn’t actually answer our question.

Now Natural Health Solutions does try to improve their customer service by offering an easy means for returning the product if you are unsatisfied[4]. If you’ve tried to return an unwanted supplement back to a company, you know how difficult this can be. It also shows that they do believe in their product and that you won’t want to return it.

Again, the company isn’t malicious or anything, they just need to increase their transparency. Also, they might want to consider conducting some of their own research about the oral supplement since academic researchers are taking their good old time with this one.

The Users

Andro 400 is not available on Amazon. In fact, it is nearly impossible to find honest reviews of the product. We did manage to find a few on Complaintslist. The users gave Andro 400 a 2.5 out of 5 stars, but the reviews were still very diverse[2].

Obviously, some people loved it and others hated it. The ones in the middle, though, were interesting to say the least. For instance, one man complained that after taking the product he couldn’t leave his wife alone, but in a negative way. Eurycoma longifolia, especially in oral form, shouldn’t be causing that much of a difference. This led us to believe that part of this product’s success might be the placebo effect.

The human mind is very powerful, but it’s also very susceptible to suggestion. In fact, placebos are as effective as antibiotics 25% of the time. If you are taking a supplement that you believe will increase your sex drive, you will probably become hyperaware of it. This holds the same for increasing muscle mass- suddenly, you see every minute change in your body because you are looking for it. And your body is responding accordingly to your thoughts. But keep in mind that placebos are usually cheap sugar pills.

You might be willing to take a risk on a product thinking, “Well, hey, if it doesn’t work at least the placebo effect should help”. But then the product isn’t worth your money. You’re better off using free placebo options like visualization (visualization has been shown to work for many ailments) to actively utilize your mind to increase your testosterone levels and save yourself the cash.

Our Take

We give Andro 400 a tentative 2 out of 5 stars. It’s still too early to know whether an oral supplement can actually impact your testosterone levels. Some studies have suggested it does, but for anything to be considered scientifically proven it needs to have multiple research studies agreeing to the same thing.

Right now, the research is very divided. It doesn’t look like taking the supplement could hurt you too much if you do decide to take the risk, but it is still money out of your pocket. Right now, our suggestion is to wait for more research to come out. Of course, we all want instant gratification, so here are a few options you may want to consider for the meantime.

First, talk to your doctor. Have him evaluate your testosterone levels to see if you even need supplementation. Sometimes our symptoms are all in our heads and it can be a great relief to find out that we are actually healthy. If you do have low testosterone, your doctor will be able to recommend safe solutions for you.

That’s what has really created the mystery around testosterone supplementation- it needs to be very individualized[3]. It is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Your doctor will be able to educate you on your options, help you pick one that works for your lifestyle, and monitor you for safety. Even if the supplement does end up being safe and effective for you to use, we still recommend going through your doctor. Your health is too valuable to risk.

Another way you can increase your testosterone is through high-intensity exercise. The best part about this is that it’s your own body’s testosterone. That means you can’t accidentally take too much or deal with potentially life-threatening side effects. Also, like all exercise, it has additional health benefits. It will help prevent osteoporosis through bone loading. It will help prevent cardiac diseases due to its cardiovascular component. It’s really a win-win-win. So what do you have to do?

This is the hard part. You will be training close to your 1-rep max. You will only do 1-2 reps for 2-3 sets. AND you can only take less than 1 minute breaks between sets. It’s insane! It also means you finish your work out very quickly, though. You’ll see incredible results for your body and you will feel amazing.

It’s difficult at first, but as long as you give your muscles a day of rest, you’ll be good to push forward. Also, try to increase your weights by about 10% each week to avoid plateau. This is really the best way to increase your testosterone. You have to work for it, but then again you have to work for all things worth having. Good luck!

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