Anavar Review 2019: The Steroid You’ve Been Searching For?



Marketed as an anabolic androgenic steroid, Anavar is one of the most common anabolic steroids available today. Anyone who has ever considered a steroid might have already come across Anavar as it is available in oral form and much milder than other steroids. This has made it a hot choice for most people looking to slim down on a budget.

As a fitness professional and enthusiast, I have come across Anavar on many occasions and I have also spent a lot of time doing in-depth research and learning from the pros before testing the product. Using it gave me some clear insights and since I have used it on many occasions, I have discovered how it works with different diets and for different purposes.

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What Is Anavar?

Anavar is simply a brand name of the anabolic steroid, Oxandrolone. The steroid is basically a C17-AA anabolic agent, which alters the [1] Carbon 2 atom and replaces it with an additional oxygen atom. It also alters the 17th carbon position, thus giving it the name of a C17-AA steroid that helps in the production of or increase of muscle tissue. However, Anavar is not the same as other anabolic steroids and your results will largely be based on your own chemical structure.

Anavar History

Anavar first made its appearance in the 1960s and produced great results in terms of improving hormonal imbalance and even aiding in weight gain. However, the steroid became more and more popular in sports and gave an unfair advantage, with some users also experiencing some of the dangerous side effects.

Eventually, the FDA put a stop to the production of this steroid, which almost disappeared by the 1980s, however, since it could not be destroyed, it reappeared to make a statement about the performance benefits that it offers, which is the main reason why many people still use the steroid today. It is worth noting that it is now easily available and only banned in sports.

Anavar Review

Performance enhancing abilities

Anavar features numerous performance-enhancing effects. Since it changes the testosterone molecule, it changes the way testosterone acts in the body. For fitness enthusiasts, this is what they are looking for and this leads to much more energy during the day and when working out. Anavar also improved endurance and it claims to be able to improve strength too.

The supplement is available in a pill form, making it a popular choice amongst beginners who might not be ready for needles. Since it also targets the fast twitch muscle as you would see from something like Winstrol, it can increase the speed and performance of an individual doing sports or running.

Personal experience with Anavar

Using this supplement certainly helped me a lot in the gym. However, I could not use Anavar alone. With the addition of a testosterone, I could amp up the quality of the steroid.

Sticking to a normal 12-week cycle dosed at around 30mg per day, the steroid kicked in almost immediately. I felt a little bit of a boost when working out in the gym and my muscles also grew harder much faster. As I continued on my cycle, the results just continued to pile on and when used in conjunction with a calorie-controlled diet, I found myself becoming leaner as well.

Anavar targets the fast twitch fibers in your muscles, which resulted in explosive strength at first. Eventually, your strength will neutralize and the testosterone will kick in to add more testosterone to the muscles, which will enable you to go even heavier. Anavar also has slight thermogenic effects, which lead to an increase in my body temperature.

The increase in body temperature speeds up the metabolic rate of the individual, which is what ultimately leads to weight loss. Another great feature is its ability to improve the breakdown of fat. This means that the body will be using fat for energy and your muscles will stay in an anabolic state. Lean muscle tissue might not be directly attributed to the use of Anavar but the protection of lean muscle tissue is.

Anavar for women

Anavar is probably one of the only steroids that can be used by women. Since females tend to have much more [2] estrogen in their systems, Anavar helps them increase strength without the annoying bulk that they are trying to avoid. Since they are also sensitive to steroids, they only need to use a low dose to get these effects.

This supplemnent is used during cutting cycles by female athletes and drains the body of any excess water that may be present before a show. While we would not say it is safe for women, you can use it and see how it affects your body.

The marketed abilities of Anavar

Anavar is marketed as a supplement that can improve the overall level of function in the human body. It helps reduce lactic acid build-up, which will improve your recovery times. Not only will it be effective for cutting but the steroid enables the individual to become harder and grow more lean muscle tissue at the same time.

Who should use Anavar

This steroid is not recommended for any one user. However, it can be used for certain purposes by some. These purposes are mostly related to training and fitness, with bodybuilders being some of the people who generally use this steroid the most.

The best time to use Anavar will be when you need to slim down and have a calorie-controlled diet to support you. The restricted calories will ensure that you can lose weight, while Anavar keeps the muscle tissue protected. It will also keep your body in an anabolic state and improve the speed and quality of your metabolism.

Strength gains are also important when it comes to working out. I found the early strength gain to be very motivational for further training and with the endurance, I found myself working out much harder and more efficiently.

The dosages of Anavar are also important and since it can definitely be potent on the liver, it is recommended that you keep it low at first. When used with a liver protector, the dosages can be increased. It is also worth noting that an estrogen blocker should be kept on hand as Anavar does have a reputation for causing increased estrogen production in the bodies of overweight individuals. For cutting purposes, it will be much better to add something like clenbuterol to the cycle as this is a bronchodilator and will not really affect the hormones in the body.

Benefits of Anavar

  • Increased levels of energy
  • Easy to administer
  • Improves strength and endurance
  • Safe for use by most women
  • Readily available
  • Quite affordable

Cautions to look out for:

  • Puts a heavy strain on the liver
  • Might lead to erectile dysfunction
  • Creates somewhat of an imbalance when overused

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Final Verdict

Anavar is far from a miracle drug and it won’t overhaul your body. You still need to workout and put in the effort to diet if you are to see results. One of the best things about Anavar is the fact that is mild, which means it will not be as hard on the body as some of the more advanced steroids. Personally, I consider Anavar to be the purest of oral steroids on the market today.

It is worth noting that everything should be done under medical supervision, but you need to make the decision. Be sure to let us know about your results and if you would recommend it to anyone else.

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