advocare slim review

Advocare Slim Review (New 2020) – Should You Use It? Ingredients, Results


advocare slim review 

What is Advocare Slim?

Advocare Slim is one of the company’s leading products for weight loss. Advocare Slim is a part of the “TRIM” product lines that Advocare promotes for healthy weight loss. This is not a diet pill, but instead comes in sachets (powder stick form) to be mixed in twice a day in 8oz of water. The product advertises to boost metabolism, while also suppressing appetite. There’s a variety of different ingredients to make up this product that have been linked to weight loss such as green coffee extract, caffeine, taurine, inositol, biotin, chromium, thiamine, and the popular diet fad of garcinia cambogia fruit extract.

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In less roundabout terms, Advocare Slim is a powdered drink that promotes weight loss like many other diet pills and powders by increasing your basal metabolic rate through thermogenic usually by adding coffee or other energy promoting ingredients. To best achieve results, it’s suggested to drink it 30-45 minutes before breakfast, and then your second drink an hour or two after lunch.

What does Advocare Slim Guarantee?

Advocare is a highly respected company because of its ongoing promotion of safe nutrition and supplement usage. The developers of the product are medical doctors, and the overall company is a member of the Council for Responsible Nutrition. In addition, Advocare supplements are certified by Informed-Choice to be free of banned substances. However, in the world of supplements the Food & Drug Administration does not test the products and most testing and marketing of benefits are done by the company distributing the products. With that said, here is what Advocare Slim guarantees:

  • A Portable Weight-Management Aid
  • Supports Appetite Management
  • Provides Support for Energy

The Advocare website—which is a direct selling company, also known as multi-level marketing— encourages consumers to use Advocare Slim in conjunction with MNS, Advocare Core. It also can be used as a stand alone product.

Does Advocare Slim Work?

There are no clinical trials and enough supporting evidence to confirm this product aids in weight loss. However, there are ingredients within the product which have been clinically proven to assist in weight loss. One of the key ingredients is caffeine and in nearly every diet pill, caffeine is a staple ingredient.

One thing is for certain though, through reading reviews online regarding Advocare Slim, the taste of the product is very pleasant and reviewers felt they did achieve a boost in energy after consuming the product. This all indicates that the qualities of providing support for energy does work.

Though if you are talking to an Advocare distributor, they will guarantee this product works. If you’re a skeptic and ask to see science-based evidence, they will remind you the top affiliates of the company are doctors, and have their hand at making sure all these products work. However, this is misleading because there is no science or clinical studies indicating that Advocare Slim works. Moreover, there’s only 8 reviews at this time of the product.

What are some concerns about Advocare Slim?

The biggest concern about Advocare Slim is the cost. It retails at $29.95 for 14 servings. And you’re recommended to drink this product twice a day, which means that’s close to $30 for a week long supply. Unless you’re looking to trim down rapidly in a week, you’re looking to possibly be spending close to $120 on Advocare Slim for a month. With little to no scientific backing to the product, it can be considered risky spending by investing in Advocare Slim.

Outside of cost, the consumer complaint about excessive stimulants in weight loss products tends to be jitteriness, restlessness, insomnia, nervousness, increased heart rate, tightness in the chest and high blood pressure. All these symptoms are connected to excessive caffeine consumption. And one powder stick of Advocare Slim contains 120mg of caffeine, where as a 8oz cup of coffee is averaged to be around 90mg. If follow the Advocare recommended amount, a person could be consuming 240mg of caffeine a day.

Science behind Advocare Slim:

There is no science behind this product as mentioned previously. This product notoriety is based on consumer consumption and reviews. Though there is a lack of clinical studies, the ingredients within it have been tested a number of times. If we breakdown the ingredients that make up Advocare Slim, then we can uncover the truthfulness to whether this product is worth all the fuss or whether it’s a bust.

Is it a portable weight management aid?

Well, yes it is. Here’s why:

The ingredients in Advocare Slim which promote Fat Burning are the Green Coffee Extract which contains Caffeine. Caffeine is the most popular and most consumed psychoactive drug. It stimulates the autonomic nervous system, and increases and boosts the basal metabolic rate. So by ingesting products with caffeine a person will begin to break down fat cells. As fat cells are broken down, there is also a psychological effect 45 minutes after consuming caffeine which helps an individual focus with the release of epinephrine. Though for people who are caffeine sensitive this can have an adverse effect. Chromium in this product help with increase muscle which again can assist in burning fat.

Does it support appetite management?

Well, yes it does that too. The appetite suppression in Advocare Slim is connected to the ever popular Garcinia Cambogia Fruit Extract. It’s becoming more common in a variety of diet pills and supplements in the 2010s. This ingredient contains hydroxycitric acid (HCA) which helps prevent fat storage by preventing sugar to be stored as fat. In turn, it has been connected to assisting in appetite control. The problem is, Advocare uses the Garcinia Cambogia Fruit Extract but the amount contained is not well documented. So there’s a high likelihood there might not be enough of it to provide the full benefits of this ingredient. Some of the reviews out about this product state there was little to no appetite suppression.

Does it provide support for energy?

Yes, it does promise to do that with the ingredients of taurine, caffeine, thiamine and biotin. Taurine is an amino acid which is common in several energy drinks and pre-workout supplements. Taurine contains antioxidants as well, which can help protect the brain, skin and eyes from free radicals. Thiamine is more commonly known as B1 Vitamin. This helps with the transference of sugars into the cells to be used as energy. Oddly enough Thiamine is used to help treat those with poor appetite, so I’m not sure how it works along side with Garcinia Cambogia. Finally Biotin, like Thiamine plays an important role in the B vitamin complex and this one is known to be vitamin B7. Biotin helps process energy through synthesis of fatty acids. Biotin is found in intestinal bacteria.

Should you use Advocare Slim?

There’s such little evidence behind whether or not Advocare Slim actually works. Though, I personally like some of the products made by Advocare, I don’t think I can get behind this one. For one the cost is way too high for little to no support of it actually working. For $120 a month, it would be better spent on a gym membership if you’re looking to find a weight loss solution.

If a person is looking for a product for energy and appetite control, I feel Advocare’s Spark is a better bet than to go with this product. Let alone on the package they don’t indicate how much of each ingredient is actually within. I also have a big issue with products who don’t come out and say there are B Vitamins, but try to mislead consumers by using complicated and more scientific terminology.

I believe there are better products out there that cost less than this one. And until more consumer reviews come out, I would steer clear of incorporating Advocare Slim into the daily diet. The only unanimous agreement in all the reviews were that Advocare Slim does improve users energy output. Which again leads me to believe that a huge portion of this products is on the back of unlocking the qualities of thermogenic in order to burn fat. Not so much on the other qualities it claims to embody within the product.

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