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AdvoCare Fibo-Trim Review (New 2020) – A Fat Blocking Weight Loss Formula


AdvoCare Fibo-Trim 

There are many different weight loss programs and supplements available today. Be it exhausting training at the gym or taking diet pills, at the end of the day if it is a natural and safe way to induce weight loss, then why not right?

AdvoCare Fibo-Trim ensures that users kickstart their weight loss journey by suppressing their appetite and boosting the metabolism, while at the same time working as a carbohydrate blocker and belly fat burner. This dietary supplement is in the form of an easy to swallow capsule, which is highly convenient. Some other features of this product are: helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels already within the normal range, eliminates fatty waste material, supports intestinal health and regularity, and assists in the transport of dietary fats. Overall, the manufacturers claim that this formula is the best option for weight loss and overall health.

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Could they be right? Keep reading and find out everything you need to know about AdvoCare Fibo-Trim!

How Does Fibo-Trim Work?

The main benefit of Fibo-Trim is its ability to limit fat absorption when you consume high-fat meals. The Fibo-Trim blend of fibers and nutrients help bind, transport and remove any dietary fats from the gastrointestinal tract, moving the fat through the system before your body stores it as unnecessary weight. This extraordinary blend of fibers reduces the absorption of fat molecules, moving them quickly through the system before they break down.

Furthermore, Fibo-Trim contains key ingredients that are said to help maintain proper cholesterol levels. Combining all of its abilities, Fibo-Trim is said to be a revolutionary weight-management product, but only when combined with diet and exercise.

Fibo-Trim Ingredients

Ingredients are the essential part of every supplement. Fortunately, AdvoCare Fibo-Trim comes with a full list of ingredients, with precise dosing information. With proper dosing information, this weight loss aid minimizes the chance of underdosing and inefficiency.

Here are the ingredients found in Fibo-Trim:

  1. Vitamin C (37 mg) – Is a crucial vitamin that all of us should get from our daily fruits and vegetables. However, if not, you can also find plenty of Vitamin C in multivitamins and in Fibo-Trim as it contains approximately 62% of the recommended daily intake (1). Recent research has shown that Vitamin C is ideal for supporting the body’s nutritional needs and protecting it against various diseases. Other studies show that Vitamin C is beneficial in treating cardiovascular issues, cancer, stroke, eye health, and much more (2).
  2. Vitamin E (15 IU) – Another important vitamin that is best known for its ability to balance cholesterol levels. It can also slow down cell adhesion and can even prevent atherosclerosis (3). Vitamin E also has properties that fight free radicals and prevent numerous diseases from developing inside the system (4).
  3. Niacin (12 mg) – Many dietary supplements include Niacin in their formula and there is a good reason why. Niacin helps maintain proper cardiovascular health in the human body (5). It also regulates blood cholesterol levels and could potentially increase metabolism. Studies are still inconclusive about its weight loss capabilities (6).
  4. Chitosan (600 mg) – Is a cellulose-like biopolymer found in yeasts and mushrooms. Traditionally, Chitosan has been used in the purification of plants to increase oil and grease absorption. Chitosan has also been used in the fabric and cosmetic industries (7). New studies suggest that Chitosan can lower cholesterol levels and aid with weight loss. However, there is not enough evidence that would prove anything in this case.
  5. Guar Gum (400 mg) – Represents a type of fiber found in the guar plant. It is generally used as a thickener in beverages and processed foods. However, Guar Gum can also normalize stool content, absorb excess liquid to treat diarrhea, as well as act as a stool softener (8). Some use it to lower cholesterol and to absorb glucose in the intestines and stomach. Another Guar Gum benefit would be its ability to suppress appetite, which could help with weight loss. Studies do show promising results, but more evidence is still needed (9) (10).
  6. Xanthan Gum (400 mg) – Another thickener used for food products like salad dressing and desserts. Xanthan Gum has high water absorption abilities, which could block fat absorption inside the digestive tract. However, when used in higher amounts Xanthan Gum can cause diarrhea, stomach bloating, and indigestion (11) (12).
  7. Psyllium Husk Powder (350 mg) – Is a soluble fiber used in many laxative products. Psyllium powder is believed to treat diabetes, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, some forms of cancer, and even obesity since it can suppress appetite in some users (13).
  8. Beta-Sitosterol (100 mg) – One of the most popular forms of plant sterols. Beta-Sitosterol is said to have a number of beneficial benefits but is mostly associated with reducing digestion problems and benign prostate hyperplasia. There is no evidence that Beta-Sitosterol helps with weight loss or weight maintenance (14).
  9. Odorless Garlic (100 mg) – Is a well-known plant that is often used to flavor foods in various cuisines. Garlic contains a myriad of benefits and it can treat various heart and blood-related conditions such as high cholesterol levels, coronary heart disease, and circulation problems. In terms of weight loss, Garlic can suppress appetite and lower insulin. Many bodybuilding supplements also include Garlic in their formula, since it can have positive effects on testosterone and stamina (15).
  10. Taurine (50 mg) – An essential amino acid that is thought to have great male enhancing properties. Taurine may also have some energy boosting effects and might even directly impact testosterone production, sex drive, and erectile function. However, scientific research still shows mixed results that aren’t enough for us to make a clear verdict.

Ingredients Summary

First of all, AdvoCare Fibo-Trim has a nicely designed ingredients label with all the necessary information about the formula, which is a big plus considering today’s epidemic of proprietary blends. As far as effectiveness goes, most Fibo-Trim ingredients have some scientific proof backing up their claims, but not all of them. Some of them have non-proven records of efficiency and could actually induce minor side effects.

Fibo-Trim Pricing

You can purchase AdvoCare Fibo-Trim directly from the AdvoCare website as well as through various online dealers like Amazon and eBay. The cost of Fibo-Trim is $37.95 (60 servings), but you can also get the preferred customer price of $30.36 if you sign up with AdvoCare. The price of Fibo-Trim on Amazon is $34.47 ($0.19/ count), including free shipping.

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Overall, AdvoCare Fibo-Trim definitely has a lot of positive things going for it. It seems that this supplement has a possibly effective ingredients formula and a solid amount of good user experiences and reviews. However, Fibo-Trim is lacking some things that we believe are simply essential. For instance, AdvoCare fails to cite any reliable scientific proof for the effectiveness and safety of the whole formula, and each component separately. So, in the end, we cannot conclude if Fibo-Trim will do everything it claims it will.

Fibo-Trim does come with a money back guarantee, so you could give it a try. There is a high chance of positive results. On the other hand, there are also other safe and effective options available that are capable of real results at a minimal risk.


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