Activ8 X Review

Activ8 X Review (New 2020): An Unecessary Weight Loss Expense?


Activ8 X Review 

Activ8 X makes the same claims as thousands of other weight loss supplements, with one key difference – this one comes in liquid form!
Perhaps if there was another point of interest – specifically when it comes to Activ8 Xs’ list of ingredients – we would be more excited about this product.

Unfortunately, the ingredients are as recycled as the “what it does” section on the supplement packaging.

One thing that does jump out is the inclusion of Garcinia in these weight loss droplets and as we’re sure you know by now if you have spent any time looking at these types of supplements, this is not a hopeful sign.

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What is it?

The manufacturers of Activ8 X are a company by the name of AMAS Enterprises Limited. AMAS claims that their product possesses a blend of ‘weight loss ingredients’ that work to aid in fat burning, inhibit appetite and enhance the metabolism of consumers.

The ‘drop technology’ that can be looked upon as Activ8 Xs’ defining factor was in fact pioneered by this product – there was genuinely no weight loss supplements using the sublingual liquid application before the release of Activ8 X which took place 5 years ago.

To use this supplement as instructed, consumers must place 13 drops of the liquid underneath their tongue 20 minutes before meals. This does seem like a lot of fluid to use every time, but AMAS makes sure to sell their product in packs of three. We are told that three bottles are a three-month supply, but there is room to be skeptical on that.

Activ8 X comes alongside a ‘free’ diet plan for those who purchase the product. This diet plan varies on a day-to-day basis, with some days being high carb and others high protein. While AMAS does suggest that their own diet plan is essential for achieving optimal results while using Activ8 X, they do acknowledge that any other healthy diet plan can be used – this admission plays some role in almost completely devaluing the inclusion of their own plan in the first place.

Does it Work?

Is Activ8 X really going to be effective in helping you lose weight? Starting with this revolutionary idea to administer your weight loss supplement sublingually – under the tongue, that is.

Different routes of administration have their own pros and cons. Oral administration is so often favored by weight loss supplement manufactures due to its ease of use and due to the fact that it is preferred by many consumers. The disadvantages of consuming supplements in a capsule or tablet format, however, are that substances are absorbed slowly, or not at all due to degradation by stomach acid and digestive enzymes.

Sublingual administration of Activ8 X eliminates the potential of the product to get broken down in the stomach before it has a chance to elicit an effect. The tissue beneath the tongue is a highly absorptive and well perfused mucous membrane, meaning applied substances can be absorbed into the bloodstream at a rapid rate.

Looking at this information, the reasoning behind AMAS’ choice to make this product a liquid might have more to do with making it stand out amongst the competition.[1,2,3,4]

But no matter how much or how quickly you can absorb it, it is crucial to the efficacy of Activ8 X as a weight loss supplement that some of its ingredients are effective, with the scientific evidence behind them to prove it.

Let’s take a closer look at Activ8 Xs’ list of ingredients, in accordance with what the manufacturer is claiming they each do:

Fat Burning Ingredients

• Capsicum

Capsicum is found in peppers and is what makes them red in color. Crucially, it is capsaicin, the molecule in chili peppers, that produces the chili-heat that has the potential to elicit a burning effect. Capsaicin can boost human metabolism by approximately 50 calories per day. Capsicum is also an excellent source of vitamin A due to its b-carotene content. [5,6]

• Green tea extract [7,8]

The benefits of consuming green tea are widely advertised, and the extract contained within this supplement has some proven impact on fat loss due to increases in levels of fat oxidation that take place following consumption.
Research has found that consumption of 625mg catechizes with 39mg caffeine trending towards better fat loss results than consumption of the same amount of caffeine alone. These results were not enough to be considered statistically significant, however.

Unfortunately, the dosage of green tea extract needed to have a metabolic impact is very high and far exceeds the volume that you are getting within Activ8 X.

• Beta-alanine

Beta-alanine is a component of the molecule carnosine that helps to buffer acid within muscles. The idea is that consumption of beta-alanine can increase carnosine levels within the muscles, improving athletic performance in fatigued individuals.

While beta-alanine is able to exhibit a minor increase in muscular endurance and anaerobic capacity when supplemented, it would need to be taken at doses that exceed that contained within Activ8 X to have a notable effect.

Any changes in body composition you see due to this ingredient is likely to be mild, and in reality more likely due to whatever exercise regime you might be following while taking it – you won’t see any beneficial effects if you aren’t making use of the slight increase in muscular endurance![9, 10]

Appetite Inhibition

• Grapefruit powder [11]

While fat mass does appear to reduce more in groups that consumed grapefruit relative to those that didn’t when the consumption is followed in scientific trials, most studies involving grapefruit are done regarding the whole fruit and not a powdered supplement version of it.

The impact that grapefruit has on weight loss is very minor and could be down to the fact that if you’re eating grapefruit for breakfast. You aren’t eating an unhealthy pastry rather than the metabolic impacts of the substances found within the fruit.

There’s not enough evidence available to come to a full conclusion on the validity of supplementing grapefruit powder as a weight loss agent, but we would suggest you’d always be better off consuming the whole fruit as a natural, fiber-containing, plant food anyway.

• Chromium

An essential mineral that has a role in the regulation of glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity – at first glance chromium seems like it might be of great benefit to the supplement's performance.
The reality is that chromium is only useful for two specific groups of people: those who are type 2 diabetics, and those who are chromium deficient. For the rest of us, it’s simply not going to have an effect.[12]

Metabolism Activating Ingredients

• Garcinia (uh-oh…)

The inclusion of the Garcinia Cambogia in any supplement should be taken as a red flag of sorts. Garcinia simply is not useful at all! Adding this ingredient to your product immediately suggest to us that you haven’t done your research and assessed your science base properly before throwing together a dietary supplement.

Garcinia might well be included due to its reputation within the market and dieting industry – this is AMAS Enterprises utilizing market hype, rather than real scientific fact.[13, 14]

• Pyruvate

Pyruvate is an energy intermediate within the Krebs cycle, derived from glucose and fatty acids to eventually produce the energy currency unit ATP.

Despite this molecule's importance in normal human metabolism, supplementation is not overly promising. High doses of pyruvate often trigger intestinal side effects and it should be questioned as to how much pyruvate can reach blood serum anyway when you consume it orally in a supplement like Activ8 X.

Another point is that we would assume if pyruvate does reach serum level, it would have a detrimental metabolic effect – down-regulating your endogenous pyruvate production and therefore decreasing calorie burn and increasing storage. [15]

Carbohydrate Blocking Ingredients

• African mango extract [16]

This extract is derived from the seeds of a plant known as African Mango (which is not actually related to common Mango fruits). There is a lack of sufficient evidence to be able to say that African Mango extract can be used as a fat burning supplement, and its usefulness may well end up being a mere vessel for finer and fatty acids.

• Panax Ginseng [17]

A decrease in fasting blood glucose can be noted over time following standard supplemental doses of this plant-based ingredient in diabetics. But, Panax Ginseng is found to be ineffective in non-diabetic individuals. An exceptionally high dose is likely to be needed for beneficial weight loss and glucose control effects to be seen in healthy persons, and none of the ingredient's impacts could truly be described as ‘carb-blocking’ as the manufacturers claim.

• Grape seed extract

A mixture of tannins and procyanidins (catechin chains), grape seed extract once again has no carb-blocking capabilities as such. Research shows that there is a potential for a ‘slight decrease in voluntary food intake’, but the evidence is insufficient to be able to state the effects of supplementation on appetite. [18]

Practicalities and Market Alternatives

A redeeming factor of Activ8 X is the distinct lack of side effects that the product elicits. While some customer reviews do report the usual stomach upset and nausea that almost every diet product seems to show some relation to – these reports aren’t common in comparison with those received by competing supplement brands. This is probably largely down to the fact that Activ8 X contains no stimulant ingredients in large volumes, removing much of the risk that its consumption will cause jitters, headaches, and sickness.

Contrastingly, the price point of this supplement is certainly not redeeming! At £49.99 for a month’s supply or £119.99 for the more recommended 3-month supply, this isn’t a product you can buy on a whim with a bit of extra cash you have on the side. If you’re investing over £100 in a product, you want to make sure it’s going to do something; and thus far we haven’t seen any reason to try and assure you that Activ8 X provides value for your money.

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Closing Remarks

Disappointingly, there are no studies out there that connect any of the ingredients contained within Activ8 X to real life weight loss results. Therefore, despite many favorable customer reviews, it is not possible for us to endorse the use of this product.

While you are unlikely to experience any negative side effects, you probably won’t experience any of the claimed effects of the product either – and this is all at a very steep price point.

Activ8 X isn’t dangerous, it’s just expensive – and probably pointless.

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