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We are a diverse group of diet experts, fitness writers, personal trainers, nutritionists and fitness enthusiasts!

At some point, we grew tired with all the lies and misinformation about health and fitness all over the internet today. We see two reasons for the current situation:

To make money out of something, one needs to overcomplicate it. Making money out of the “Just Eat Healthy and Exercise” guide is much more difficult than selling elaborate books and courses.

Too many self-appointed fitness, diet and nutrition experts out there. Seriously. We've seen our share of weight loss ebooks or nutrition articles that cost around $15 to have written by a ghostwriter and contain information that is just plain wrong. The writers or promoters of such content are usually marketers who aren't necessarily lying but just don't know any better. All they care about is have a nice little article or book accompany their supplement or fitness gear.

Mission Statement

Brought together by our shared passion for health and fitness, we have created this site as a health and nutrition knowledge base. All articles and reviews here are backed by science, facts and empirical evidence. No hype and no fake reviews. Just the hard truth!

The Hard Truth

We'll save you the suspense by skipping directly to The Hard Truth! The Hard Truth is that most weight loss, diet and fitness supplements don't work as advertised. Yeap. We wish they did, but they don't. The Hard Truth is that there is only a handful of ingredients that are scientifically proven to be effective (in weight loss, appetite control, fat burning, muscle tissue recovery, etc).

What you need to do is find the supplement with the right mix of the ingredients you need (depending on your situation and goals) and avoid the ones that don't disclose their “secret” or “patented” formulas. First of all, if something is patented, then it is protected by the patent and can be disclosed without risk. Second, it is pretty easy for anyone with access to a lab (such a competing supplements company) to just buy a sample and find out what the “secret” ingredients are anyway, so the only reason behind the secrecy is that it's a marketing ploy.

Finally, The Hard Truth is that all supplements do is SUPPLEMENT your already good diet and exercise habits. Please don't waste any money on supplements, weight loss formulas or diet pills until you've gotten your diet and exercise habits in check.

We hope you find our site useful and benefit from our effort!

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