Ab Cuts Review

AB Cuts Review (New 2020): Can Fish Oils Be Used for Weight Loss?


Ab Cuts Review 

Out of all the packaging from Revolution Lifestyle’s supplements, I’ve never seen a dietary supplement I wanted to purchase purely because it looks cool until now. Well played!

What else stands out about this supplement? There are no stimulants in this; rare when it comes to a weight loss product.

AB Cuts is purposefully avoiding the thermogenic fad to limit the potential side effects of their product.

It’s a bold move considering the state of the supplement market now – why would you literally avoid the fad word if you wanted to get sales?

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The guess is that they hope their product will stand out amongst the crowds. This risky move is the kind of decision that can make or break a product.

With a marketing scheme aimed at those striving for a body builder’s shredded physic, let’s see what this supplement has to offer.

What is it?

AB Cuts is one of a range of supplements produced but the emerging brand ‘Revolution Lifestyle’ and has been present on the market since 2010. The company claims AB Cuts to be a dietary supplement prepared to assist consumers in reducing their body fat percentage and improve their metabolism.

Revolution Lifestyle is a branch of the company Corr-Jensen. A point of interest is that the background of company founder, Matt Hessee, is within athletics and sports-based nutrition. This means that AB Cuts and other Revolution products are tailored towards being an addition to a pre-existing programme of healthy eating and exercise.

This makes us hopeful as any supplement that claims to be the magic fix you’ve been looking for is already leading you on a wild goose chase. The more realistic the claims of AB Cuts make us think that there could be something to this one.

The product is advertised as containing naturally occurring ingredients that are said to reduce the amount of fat stored in the body.

Since AB Cuts contains absolutely zero stimulants, consumers can avoid many of the common negative side effects [1] of other weight reduction products. These would normally include jitters or headaches, like the symptoms you get if you drink one too many cups of coffee on an empty stomach!

The ingredients of AB Cuts are refreshingly simplistic too; Oils.

Does it Work?

The four main ingredients involved in the formulation of AB Cuts are healthy oils[2]:

  • CLA
  • GLA
  • ALA
  • EPA & DHA (fish oil)[3]

So basically, what you’re getting from this product is two sources of Omega 6 and three sources of Omega 3 fatty acids. Meaning that our key discussion point is now quite clearly “what are the benefits of adding these particular fats into your diet?”.

Let’s start with Omega 3. You’ve almost definitely heard a bit about this one, and you’re probably clear on the fact that you can obtain it from oily fish, but what exactly makes it beneficial nutritionally?

Omega-3s can lower elevated triglyceride levels, lowering your risk of heart disease amongst other cholesterol-related conditions. Fish oil supplements also have the capacity to curb joint pain and even boost the effectiveness of antidepressants and aide the symptoms of conditions such as bipolar disorder [4,5].

The nutritional benefits of getting your Omega-3 are easy to see, but why are we supplementing Omega-6 as well?
Omega 3:6 Ratio – The Key Concept

While Omega 3 and 6 both have their nutritional uses, to properly evaluate the usefulness of AB Cuts as a supplement, our focus needs to be shifted to look more closely at the ratios of these nutrients.

Much of these healthy fat benefits come from their incorporation into cell membranes. Their ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids is important within the cell membrane as the stress response will use either one without discrimination. And while omega-3 can be used in times of stress to help reduce inflammation, the omega-6 fatty acids in cell membranes are more likely to promote inflammation [6].

Those individuals with a greater intake of omega-6 fatty acids in comparison to omega-3s have an increased innocence of inflammatory conditions including cardiovascular disease, cancer, and autoimmune diseases.

As the average western diet is already very high in its omega-6 to omega-3 ratio (about 15:1), the additional omega-6 fatty acids that Revolution Lifestyles AB Cuts contains are highly likely to be redundant, if not a minor inconvenience.

By supplementing simple fish oil capsules, the best and most widely available source of omega-3s (without the added omega-6), the ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 is reduced [7,8], which in turn can reduce inflammation. This change can leave individuals with a lower susceptibility to various chronic diseases that are commonly seen amongst the modern population.

The one side effect AB Cuts consumers seem to note on a regular basis is a fishy after-taste. This is unsurprising to anyone who’s previously tried any fish oil supplement, and quite honestly, it’s difficult to avoid. But this is only a minor inconvenience really.

The recommended dosage provided on the AB Cuts bottle is 4 soft gel capsules daily. You could half that dosage, reduce the impact of the fishy after-taste experience and double the lifespan of your $29.99 bottle of 80 AB Cuts capsules.

Practicalities and Market Alternatives

Despite lack of the usual side effects obtained from weight loss supplements, which have been successfully eliminated through the removal of stimulants from the list of AB Cuts ingredients, care still needs to be taken when it comes to taking this supplement. This is namely due to the AB Cuts fish oil component. Pollution and mercury content are currently an issue in every aspect of the fishing and fish manufacturing industry [9]. Fish oils need to be sourced carefully to ensure user safety and avoid issues of bioaccumulation of toxic contaminants.

While it is more likely that the fish products used with AB Cuts are perfectly safe in their manufacturing, it is still worth taking note of the dangers. AB Cuts should not be taken by pregnant or breastfeeding women [10] for exactly this reason – why risk it?

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Closing Remarks

The idea behind AB Cuts is to create a supplement that marks itself as ‘different’ but formulating it with a list of ingredients that doesn’t include thermogenics. The elimination of stimulants from the product is highly successful in cutting down on unpleasant jitters and digestive side effects that many weight loss supplement users can suffer from, but do the remaining ingredient leave us with a product that works?

It’s unlikely.

If the distinct lack of success reported in customer reviews wasn’t enough to go by, the scientific evidence is able to bring us to a comfortable conclusion. Although adding extra omega-3s to your diet is highly recommended but you’re better off doing this using a cheaper supplement that doesn’t also contain omega-6.

It is true that the addition of the oil properties contained in AB Cuts can effectively support the growth of lean muscle, but as for assisting weight loss, there is no evidence to show this combination of healthy oils is going to provide you with any potent results.

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