310 Shake Review (New 2020) – Can It Help You? Ingredients, Side-Effects, Results

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310 shake  Within the supplement industry there are no products more popular (and arguably more questionable) than those that advertise to promote fat loss.

While these weight loss supplements vary from pills to shakes to candy bars, they all promise the same thing.

To help you lose weight with minimal effort.

While this sounds fantastic, it is truly rare that a weight loss supplement actually provides a safe and effective means to promote weight loss without requiring some effort.

Furthermore, it is not uncommon for supplements within this category to contain somewhat questionable ingredients, including a variety of stimulants and diuretics.

The weight loss product we are going to take a look at today is the 310 weight loss shake.

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What is 310 shake?

The 310 shake falls into a category of weight loss shakes known as meal-replacement shakes.

Effectively, meal replacement shakes are intended to be used exactly how they sound. To replace meals.

In the case of 310 Shake, it is advertised that if you replace one or two key meals each day with a 310 shake, it will lead to significant weight loss over only a couple of weeks.

In addition to working as a meal replacement, 310 shake is also advertised to curb cravings and suppress appetite, while providing total nutrition (whatever that means) with minimal calories.

But what does 310 shake actually contain?

310 Shake ingredients

To gain a good understanding of how and if 310 shake will promote weight loss, we need to take an in depth look at its ingredient profile.


One of the key ingredients in 310 shake is protein.

It advertises its use of a particular protein supplement known as TriPlex Protein Complex.

While this sounds quite fancy, it is actually a protein blend containing a mix of whey protein concentrate, milk protein concentrate, and whey protein isolate.

Each of these protein sources are quite high in quality, as they contain a full array of amino acids, and are considered to have high bioavailability (meaning we absorb almost all of the protein consumed from these sources).

This makes them a much better protein source than soy or pea proteins.

The inclusion of protein in a meal replacement shake is a sensible inclusion, due to the influence it has on both our metabolic rate, and our sensations of hunger.

Increasing protein consumption has been demonstrated to cause significant increases is our basal metabolic rate (the amount of energy we burn at rest) [1]. This means that by increasing the amount of protein we consume, we can increase the amount of energy we burn each day, irrespective of exercise interventions.

As an added bonus, protein has the highest satiety rating of all macronutrients, meaning that it makes us feel ‘fuller’ after consumption. This satiety effect has been demonstrated in studies showing that an increased protein consumption has been related to a reduction in hunger levels, while also reducing snacking throughout the day.

This increase in metabolic rate and reduction in hunger can lead to an increase in weight loss over time, although it is important to note that 301 shake only contains 15g of protein, and as such its influence may be limited.


In conjunction with protein, fibre is the other key ingredient in the 310 shake, where it contains 5 grams per scoop.

This fibre comes from a fibre blend, containing three different types of fibre (Fibersol, Cellulose gum, and Xantham gum).

The benefit of adding fibre to a meal replacement shake such as this is due to its absorptive capacity. Fibre absorbs water in the gut, creating a gel like substance.

And this is actually how it is suggested to promote weight loss.

When we consume fibre with water (potentially in the form of a meal replacement shake….), it expands rapidly in into a gel like substance in our stomachs.

This creates feelings of fullness, which in turn reduces feelings of hunger and subsequently the amount of food we eat throughout the day.

Furthermore, consuming fibre in conjunction with other foods actually reduces the amount of energy within that food we absorb.

So not only do we eat less food, but less of what we eat is absorbed, which causes a significant reduction in energy intake [2].

As a result, increasing our daily intake of fibre can significantly lower the amount of food we eat each day, while reducing feelings of hunger. This can lead to weight loss over time.

It is also worth mentioning that fibre consumption of only 3 grams per meal has been shown to have positive effects on weight loss. Considering that 310 shakes have 5 grams, it is likely to be quite effective.

Vitamins and Minerals

One area that 310 shakes does excel over other meal replacement shakes is with its inclusion of a vast array of vitamins and minerals.

When we are in a significant energy deficit (such as that seen when using meal replacement shakes) we typically consume less whole foods.

While this is a good way to decrease our daily energy intake, it does increase our risk of becoming deficient in a number of key vitamins and minerals. This can have a number of negative effects on immune system function, among many other markers of general health.

By including a large number (and in decent quantities) of essential vitamins and minerals, we can ensure we do not become nutrient deficient despite our restricted energy intake.

This ensures that we can maintain good immune, digestive, and cardiovascular system function, which can actually aid weight loss and prevent disease and illness.

Does 310 shake work?

To put it simply, yes.

One of the biggest conditions for weight loss is maintaining a daily energy deficit.

Considering that 310 shake contains a mere 90 calories per serve, substituting 2 of our daily meals with the shake would therefore ensure that this condition would be met.

We know that very low energy diets (such as that experienced when substituting meals with meal replacement shakes such as 310 shakes) can promote significant weight loss in a short period of time [3].

As such, 310 shakes will definably promote weight loss.

Additionally, the inclusion of both protein and fibre into its ingredients will reduce hunger pains somewhat, making it a slightly more enjoyable experience.

In Conclusion

310 Shake is one of the better meal replacement options out there, due to the inclusion of high quality protein and fibre into its ingredients.

Furthermore, the inclusion of vitamins and minerals ensures that we will not become nutrient deficient during the s310 shake protocol.

It is important to note that while this will certainly promote weight loss, it may not be a viable long term option, due to both the weight regain and health implications associated with very low energy diets over long durations.

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