30 Day Diet Plan Review (New 2020): What to Know Before You Start


30 day diet plan 

What is the 30 Day Diet?

Melissa Hartwig, the co-founder of the Whole30 program has put a different meaning behind #cleaneating. Her 30 Day Diet plan cuts out numerous foods which are linked to food allergies. To be honest, though it’s a diet program it’s more like a reset button for your body. The meal planning for this 30 Day Diet is extensive and makes you hum and haw a little bit more while you’re at the grocery store, but it allows you to look at nutrition and what you are consuming in a different kind of way.

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So what are the main culprits of digestive discomfort and food allergies? Well in this diet plan, for 30 day you’ll be cutting out these common ingredients which are linked to blood sugar increase, leaky gut, bloating, inflammation and increased food cravings. On the 30 Day Diet, there will be weight loss, but more importantly the idea behind it is your body will begin to repair itself and operate better.

So what food groupings does the Whole30 vilify?

  • Legumes— including peanuts and peanut butter
  • Dairy
  • Added Sugar— real or artificial
  • Alcohol & Tobacco
  • Grains
  • Baked goods or junk food
  • Soy
  • Carrageenan, MSG or Sulfites

What are the rules about the Whole30?

One of the biggest rules of this diet plan is to put away your scale. No weighing yourself throughout the 30 days. The goal is to establish healthier eating habits, and with those healthier habits weight will come off and so will the inches. It’s time clean out the pantry of processed and refined foods, and stock of the refrigerator with real gut-healthy eats.

In the chance you hiccup during the 30 day commitment to healthier living and eating, you can’t just get back on track and keep going. No, no, this is 30 days of full commitment, which means if there’s a cheat day, you need to start back from the beginning. That means back to square 1. This includes if you take a quick swipe of the finger to taste the frosting on a cupcake, or a teenie weenie sip of the $20 glass of wine. You cannot sacrifice your health for indulgences.

This plan takes a lot of will power to sacrifice 8.2% of your annual consumption to whole, unprocessed, healthy foods. Clean eating takes a lot of discipline, but the sports nutritionist who developed this 30 Day Diet program promise it is life changing, and will reset and establish a new relationship to eating and foods. You’ll also begin eying every food label you pass by.

What are some exceptions to the rules on the Whole30?

There’s a lot of foods you have to avoid, but within the Whole30 program you’ll be provided a grocery list of allowable foods too. They even give some foods which are rules to the exception. Here’s a few to name:

  • Legumes and beans are prohibited, however, snap peas, snow peas, green beans and basically your pod based green foods are A-OK to be consumed.
  • Dairy is not allowed, so butter is out. However, clarified butter or ghee is allowable.
  • Fruit Juice, as long as the fruit is standing alone in the ingredients, with no added sugar.
  • Vinegar is allowable as long as there is no gluten, so Malt Vinegar is out.
  • Iodized salt is acceptable even though it contains dextrose, a sugar.
  • Coconut aminos are good to go on this diet plan too.

A common question is with the absence of dairy are nut milks okay to be used as a replacement? Well, check the label of your almond or cashew milk and see if the milk is made from simply almonds and water with no added carrageenan. You’ll actually begin to realize a lot of these companies add additional ingredients which are harmful for the body for shelf preservation. This is why this diet plan will begin to change your relationship with food and how you look at it. A person on the 30 Day Diet plan will become a food detective and analyze nutrition labels, and begin to weigh whether or not the ingredients in the packages are allowable.

What foods can I eat on the 30 Day Diet?

To ease your mind about what can and cannot be eaten, let’s begin to evaluate some of the foods that have the green light and thumbs up to be consumed during the 30 Days. Trust me, you won’t starve, you just have to make a few sacrifices here and there. And you’ll have to meal prep a little bit more. But after the first few days you begin to get the hang of it.

Allowable foods include:

  • Fruits— Have at it, go bananas! Fruits are good to be eaten in this program. Heck you can even make smoothies for breakfast on the 30 Day Diet, but you have to make it without the added dairy, or yogurt. But as long as you read your labels, coconut water can be used as a replacement,.
  • Vegetables— There’s so many huge benefits to increasing vegetable consumption. It adds dietary fiber to the diet which helps your digestive track function better, and helps with bowel movements. Moreover, because of the loss of carbohydrates from going 30 Days without gluten and grains, you’ll still be able to get carbohydrates through vegetables. A great healthy and high carbohydrate food is sweet potatoes, and many of the suggested recipes include sweet potatoes and other starchy vegetables. However, corn is not allowed.
  • Meats, poultry and fish— when it comes to bacon and sausage, again it’s important to read the labels to see if there’s any additives in the preservation of the foods for shelf life. Though, it’s becoming more and more common to find nitrate-free and antibiotic free meats.
  • Nuts— Nuts are healthy sources of fats and are encouraged to be consumed on the 30 Day Diet. However, try to steer away from peanuts and peanut butter because those are actually legumes and not in fact a nut. But sans peanut butter opens the door to hazelnut, cashew and almond butter spreads. Again, read the label.
  • Eggs— great source of protein, and one egg incorporates all the essential amino acids. After all, eggs are so potent with nutrients life can develop from them. And with eggs and you are savvy in the kitchen with a blender, this opens up the possibility of making homemade mayo.
  • Some fats— coconut oil, ghee, clarified butter, and some healthy plant based oils are permissible. The one thing about this is the oils need to be as minimally processed as possible.
  • Coffee and Tea— As long as there’s no added sugar or dairy. Plus black coffee and green tea is really good for revving up the metabolism.

So what’s the bottom line with this diet?

Consume foods that are whole and not processed. As little factory influence as possible. And this will change your relationship with food. You’ll begin to notice there are psychological connections with food based on your cravings, but eliminating sugar and increasing nutrient dense foods will stabilize the body and break the need and cravings for high processed foods. There will be a point of weakness where you’ll want to stray away from the diet, but remember it’s just 30 days. You’re not battling for life or death here. This diet won’t kill you. But this 30 day diet will take hard work. And through the hard work, at the end of the diet you’ll have a better relationship with food, be more mindful of your food consumption, have noticeably greater energy levels, and finally have lost a few inches in the process.

As you’re learning about the 30 Day Diet and what kind of restrictions there are, your mind will wander to trying to figure out how you can still enjoy late night brownies and other treats you have to abstain from.

Well, the founder Melissa Hartwig thought so too, and she describes trying to make pastries or junk foods with allowable ingredients is the same as “having sex with your pants on.” Yeah, you can’t have pizza, but making a gluten free crust out of cauliflower with tart tomato sauce and whatever nut-cheese replacement you can find, you really need to consider is this really the same as having pizza?

No. It’s not.

So why bother. Brownies made with date sugar, almond flour and beets really isn’t that awesome. So just relax and switch your mind from what you can’t have and open your eyes a little wider to all the whole and healthy food options you can have. But fear not, frozen bananas blended with a pinch of vanilla extract is allowable. That’s a GREAT ice cream replacement.

Overall Conclusion of the program?

After the 30 days, begin to reintroduce the missing ingredients back into the diet. But remember to do it slowly, like one at a time. Wouldn’t you like to know which foods in your diet were causing inflammation and bloating after restricting them for 30 days? This 30 Day Diet plan, if done correctly can change your life for the better.

Of all the diets and research, I think this one is feasible and realistic. It’s not necessarily a way of life kind of diet plan like Atkins and Paleo are, but this program does eliminate foods that are linked to probable digestive and bodily discomfort to detox and reset your body. Anything that kick starts healthy habits without going over the top with sacrifices is usually grounds for a quality diet program. Though, if vegetarian this might be hard to do without beans and legumes, but the updated Whole30 Diet Program does cater more to alternative for vegetarians and vegans. Definitely worth a try if you’re feeling out of balance with your relationship to food and need to feel better from the inside out.

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