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24 Day Challenge Review (New 2020) – Fact or Fiction? The Scientific Verdict


  You will lose inches on the 24 Day Challenge. You will also lose weight too. But to sustain it after the 24 Day Challenge— well— if you purchase the follow up 90 Day Challenge by Advocare then you have a chance of keeping it off. But otherwise, the 24 Day Challenge is a great hook into the pyramid of Advocare.

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I do not regret doing the 24 Day Challenge, it’s an awesome way to get introduced to some of the products by Advocare, but you learn quickly what works and what doesn’t.

Personal results from doing the 24 Day challenge

When I did the 24 Day Challenge I lost 11 inches, and a total of 5lbs. I went from 138lbs to 133lbs. I personally fluctuate 5lbs any give day because of water weight, but I did notice my body tightened overall. I believe body measurements is far more important than how the scale moves, and losing inches is still a tremendous victory especially for those who may not have lost a lot of weight.

How do you begin the 24 Day Challenge?

Prior to starting the challenge you need to do body circumference measurements around your neck, shoulders, chest, biceps— left and right, waist, hips, thighs—left and right, and calves— left and right. In addition you’ll get a little journal to track your progress throughout the 24 days.

I had to jot down my beginning measurements the day before the challenge started. Also this would be a good day to start organizing your products and meal prepping because the next day it’s off to the races with the challenge.

Is the Challenge truly a challenge?

The challenge isn’t tremendously difficult. And it is created as a group structure, so if you purchase your 24 Day Challenge from an Advocare distributor they will include you into their virtual challenge group where others are also doing the challenge at the same time. There’s benefits to doing it this way and here’s why:

When doing challenges in a group there tends to be a higher success rate. People who can empathize, relate and support during the 24 Day Challenge creates a sense of community and individuals will feel the innate drive to succeed. Therefore a greater rate of success.

Within the group setting you’ll see recommendations for recipes and work outs. Plus depending on how involved the others are on social media you’ll see everyone progress day-to-day. In my challenge group I was in charge of providing work outs to those with busy schedules. I loved creating virtual relationships and learning about everyone’s abilities and time restrictions. I liked hearing why someone couldn’t take 20 minutes out of their day to walk their dog, but the reality is, some people will put in more of an effort than others. The 24 Day Challenge is like a microcosm of a community. Those who are successful work a little harder, and those who don’t reach their goals tend to deflect blame.

What kind of nutrition and fitness plan is included in the 24 Day Challenge?

The journal that comes with the challenge outlines daily meal guidelines and at the bottom of the page there’s room to write daily physical activities. There’s no recommended amount by Advocare, but the virtual coaches may encourage 20-30 minutes of activity a day. Within the journal Advocare lists foods to limit or avoid while on the challenge such as: soda, diet soda, alcohol, creamy sauces, high-calorie salad dressings, sugar, candy, fried food, processed foods, white flour, partially hydrogenated oils.

Foods listed on the challenge are simply suggestions, and do not encompass all the food options that could be consumed during the 24 Day Challenge. They break it up super simple into Proteins, Vegetables, Complex Carbs, and Snacks. Within snacks there’s sub groups like fruits, healthy fats, dairy, and other snacks you can purchase through the Advocare line. I’m not going to lie, the AdvoBars are worth the purchase.

The way the meal plan breakdown goes is like this for the first 10 days

Start the day with Spark, ProBiotic Restore, and Catalyst (optional)

Breakfast: Fiber Water, Protein, Complex Carb, Fruit OR Meal Replacement Shake
Lunch: Protein, Vegetables, Complex Carb Midday Spark, Catalyst (optional)
Dinner: OmegaPlex, Protein, Vegetables, Complex Carb (if needed), Snack
Bedtime: Herbal Cleanse Caplets, Catalyst (optional)

Pretty simple right? Not tremendously restrictive. So easily you can have an Egg on Whole Grain Bread with a cup of grapes for breakfast. Lunch you can have Turkey on a whole wheat wrap with lettuce, onions, bean spouts and balsamic vinegar. Dinner can be baked chicken with a side of asparagus and a sweet potato. You can be creative with your food options. Snacks can be fruits, nuts, hummus, greek yogurt, or an AdvoBar.

The 24 Day Challenge is broken up into two segments: The first 10 days are the Cleanse Phase and then the next 14 days are Max Phase.

The meal breakdown for the next 14 days varies a little from the first 10 days. Here’s how

Start the day with: MNS Color Pack, Spark, Catalyst (optional), ThermoPlus (optional)
Breakfast: Meal replacement shake
30 Min before lunch: MNS Color Pack, Catalyst (optional), Carb-Ease Plus (optional)
Lunch: MNS White Packs, Protein, Vegetables, Complex Carb
Snack: Spark (if needed)
Before Dinner: Carb-Ease Plus (optional)
Dinner: OmegaPlex, Protein, Vegetables, Complex Cab (if needed)
Bedtime: Catalyst (optional)

What are some reflections of the 24 Day Challenge?

Each phase comes with it’s own selection of various supplements to consume. To be forthright, I feel if anyone has an issue with taking pills, the 24 Day Challenge is not for you. There’s a lot of pills.

If you are a person who doesn’t like taking supplements, the 24 Day Challenge is not for you.

If you are caffeine sensitive, you might want to stray away from consuming Spark. Again, I love spark, it makes me jittery and it helps me focus and get work done—like this review—but it’s pretty potent.

That’s enough background, let’s discuss the phases:

The cleanse phase is pretty easy to adjust to especially if you already eat relatively healthy. From the first day of the cleanse phase I realized the regularity of food consumption was going to be a problem for me.

I personally practice intermittent fasting. It’s a lifestyle that works extremely well for me, but on the 24 Day Challenge it really encourages food consumption 6 times a day every 2-3 hours. I tried really hard to stick to the plan, but when I’m not hungry I don’t eat just to eat. So during the cleanse phase you’re recommended to take:

Catalyst, ProBiotic Restore, Fiber Water, Spark, OmegaPlex and Herbal Cleanse Caplets.

Fiber Water and Spark are powders to be blended into water, the rest are pills. In the Cleanse phase you could be taking 5-9 pills a day.

As you head into the Max Phase, ideally your body should be beginning to wake up and be operating more efficiently. In this phase you will take:

MNS Color Pack, Spark, Meal Replacement Shake, MNS White Pack, Catalyst, Carb-Ease, ThermoPlus, and OmegaPlex

Meal Replacement Shake and Spark is the only remaining powders to be blended with water. The rest are pills. You’ll be consuming 13-19 pills a day.

I repeat, it’s a TON of pills.

I got through the cleanse phase without much of an issue. But when I headed into the max phase, the egregious jump in the amount of pills was nauseating. By the third day of the max phase, my body was regurgitating the pills. I could barely keep the down. Though I battled through it until about Day 22. At that point I couldn’t do the MNS packs anymore.

Are the supplements in the challenge safe?

It should be noted that supplements are not tested or evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Supplement facts are only distributed and tested by the Supplement Companies they come from. Though Advocare is well-known and has aligned with Informed-Choice to certify their products are safe and have been tested, the reality is, the information can be one-sided. Many supplement reports come directly from the company distributing them.

MNS stands for Metabolic Nutrition System and supports Energy, Control and Wellness with a string of 11 pills to be taken every day. Advocare claims the MNS packs help with general health and weight management, provides optimal nutritional support for bones and connective tissue (calcium pills are a few of the 11) and supports advanced core nutrition.

Is the 24 Day Challenge worth it?

I don’t regret trying the 24 Day Challenge, but I will never do it again and here’s why:
Too many pills.

What I did enjoy from the challenge was how easy it was to follow and I did love some of the products, which I continue to use post 24 Day Challenge.

You aren’t really restricted on what you eat, and you don’t have to go to the grocery store with a list of what to avoid. It’s relatively simplified and somewhat generic. Okay, don’t eat candy. That’s something we all have learned at a young age because the sugar will rot your teeth, but as we get older we learn more and more that high sugar diets can cause diabetes and lead to obesity.

So okay, don’t eat candy. I also like how the meal plan is broken down into protein, vegetables and complex carbs. It is so easy to follow.

I also really loved the meal replacement shakes. I’ve tried Shakeology, Slim Fast, Muscle Milk and other widely known shakes, and I think the Advocare meal replacement shakes are really delicious. They also go extremely well with smoothies and if you have a crafty virtual coach, she or he can give you tips on how to make desserts with the meal replacement shake powders. If you’re crammed for time or forgot your lunch at home, the shakes are pretty filling too.

Spark is a great morning drink. It will never replace coffee for me because I love the taste and warmth of coffee, but if I can’t grab a cup coffee because of time restrictions, Spark is good on the go. Plus unlike some pre-workouts you don’t get itchy.

Positive take aways from all the supplement on the 24 Day Challenge

My favorite product I got from the 24 Day Challenge is Catalyst. I put this supplement to the test when I first got it. It supposedly helps with muscle tone, enhances strength and energy and assists in quicker muscle recovery. I’m a 100% skeptic when it comes to products that claim to do this, so I decided to run 7 miles, teach an hour spin class and then proceed to take a 60 minute boot camp to see if Catalyst can really help with muscle recovery, and by golly I was not sore the next day.

I decided to do it again but this time I ran 10 miles, taught 2-60 minute spin classes, and did an hour boot camp, and again, I was not sore. I was tired, so I needed a little extra spark, but believe it or not, Catalyst really does help with muscle recovery. So I kept buying it after the challenge was over and I’m thankful for the 24 Day Challenge because it introduced me to a product I cannot imagine living without.

Overall verdict on the 24 Day Challenge?

If you want to kick start your weight loss journey or need to fit into a dress for an event in a month, I think the 24 Day Challenge is a great one. Because you will lose weight, you will lose inches, and you’ll do it with many others who’ll cheer you on in the process. But beware, you’ll be sipping a ton of water to wash down all those pills.

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